How To Whitelist In An AOL Account

| Email & Whitelisting | March 27, 2012

Follow these instructions to whitelist socialots in your AOL account…

To whitelist in AOL you need to add the email address to your contacts…

To whitelist in AOL you will need to add us to your address book

  1. Go to your Inbox
  2. Click the “Contacts” (left side menu)
  3. Inside the “Contacts” window, click the “+ NEW CONTACT” button.
  4. Enter “socialots” in the name field and no_reply@socialots.co.uk in the Email field
  5. Click “Add Contact”

DONE – now you will receive your notifications and chosen newsletters! 🙂

How To Whitelist From A Hotmail Account

| Email & Whitelisting | March 27, 2012

Here is how you can whitelist socialots if you use Hotmail..

hotmail whitelist

Go to Inbox & click on "options"

  1. Open your Inbox and click “Options” > more options (top-right corner)
  2. Under the heading “Preventing Junk Email” choose “Safe and blocked senders”
  3. Click “safe senders” and add: socialots.com
  4. Click “add to list”

CHOOSE: Safe and Blocked Senders > Safe Senders

How To Whitelist From A Yahoo Account:

| Email & Whitelisting | March 26, 2012

The first quick thing you can do is go into your spam folder, find a socialots email and click “not spam”; this will help, but it is not 100%


top left of your yahoo account

Create a Yahoo Whitelist Filter

  1. options > mail options : see image >>>
  2. choose “filters” from the left menu
  3. sender contains: socialots
  4. deliver to: inbox
  5. save!


White list socialots emails in Yahoo

White-list socialots emails in Yahoo



How To Whitelist From A Gmail Account:

| Email & Whitelisting | March 26, 2012

gmail settings

Whitelist Filter in your Gmail account

Creating a filter will ensure you always get your notifications!

  1. Go to settings (the cog-wheel; top-right) : see image >>>>>
  2. Filters > Create a new fliter
  3. Under the “From” field type: socialots
  4. Click “create filter with this search”

Choose Filters > Create a new Filter

  • Check the box “never send it to spam”
  • Click “create filter”
socialots gmail filter

Hope that helps – any problems let us know!

I have not received my activation email

| FAQ | March 26, 2012

There are usually two possible reasons for this;

  1. there was a typo in the email address supplied
  2. the message has been delivered but it in your spam/junk folder

If you cannot find the email, pop over to our support forums & leave a message – just tell us what username you registered under: CLICK HERE.

The best thing you can do for receiving future notifications is to “Whitelist” socialots.co.uk in your email provider…

How Does “Filter Competition” Work?

| FAQ | March 24, 2012

When you are logged into the site this displays / hides listed competitions based on the Orange/Grey buttons. This allows you to quickly hide all the competitions which you have marked as entered (grey!).

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