ITV Competitions

ITV has always offered great competitions on their daytime shows. Whether it’s the chance to win a cash prize on Lorraine, or a holiday on This Morning, there’s always something amazing to be won. If you’ve seen the ITV comps advertised on their shows and wondered how you enter, or whether you’ll actually be a winner, this article will help.

Recent ITV competitions

Below are a few recent ITV Competitions – you can find more on our homepage.

What shows offer ITVcompetitions?

ITV has a wide range of shows, but the top ones that regularly host competitions are the morning breakfast chat shows:

  • Lorraine competition
  • Good Morning Britain competition (GMB)
  • Loose Women competition
  • This Morning competition

Often, a number shows will offer the same competition. For example, a GMB comp might also run on Lorraine and Good Morning Britain. There will still usually be several competitions running across the board, and all can be found on the website /comps.

There are also seasonal TV shows that offer competitions, these include X Factor competition, Dickinson’s Real Deal competition, Dancing on Ice, Britain’s Got Talent, Love Island, The Cube, The Chase, Secret Dealers, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and You’ve Been Framed. No doubt ITV will introduce new comps to new television programmes they introduce.

How do you enter?

There are several different ways to enter  ITV comps, but most of them will allow entries online (, via text, phone, or post. Excluding postal entry, each entry costs around £2, plus any network charges for calling or texting. You have to be over 18 to enter, and the lines always close several days before the competition ends (postal close date). Make sure you get your entry in early though, as if it’s after the deadline it might not be counted and you’ll still be charged.

Most recent competitions simply require you to enter your Name and contact number, whereas others might involve answering a question or puzzle. Either way, the entry cost will still be the same. Good Morning Britain and Lorraine often run weekly competitions, along with bigger ones that run for longer – sometimes 4 weeks. It’s always worth entering if you can though, as that’s the only chance you’ll have of winning!

What are the prizes?

The size of the prize varies massively depending on the competition, along with the show that’s advertising it. For example, Loose Women offer huge cash prizes and other goodies, whereas competitions on ITV Sport have lower cash prizes (which are still rather big money and experience prize) and offer sports equipment or the chance to win trips to an event. These are the most common prizes available in ITV competitions:

  • Cash prizes (anywhere from £250 to £250,000)
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Holiday packages (e.g. Majorca in the Love Island comp)
  • Smaller prizes, such as BBQs and kitchen equipment

To have a chance of winning, simply send your entry in and you’ll be put into the prize draw. These competitions are entered by thousands of people across the country, so the chances of winning can sometimes be slim. Don’t let this put you off entering though, because people still win the lottery!

ITV have been running competitions on their TV shows for years, with them being most popular on daytime shows such as Lorraine and Loose Women. They offer great prizes, most of which can changes people’s lives for the better. Just think what you’d do with a cool £250,000 you weren’t expecting. Even something small like an electrical appliance or holiday can make a big difference.

So what are you waiting for? Get entering!