TV Competitions

We list the best TV competitions daily – there are too many for one page! Here in the UK we love TV competitions and the prizes on offer are some of the best in the world – ITV competitions are each regularly worth more than £30,000 (and there are lots of them!). There are very few places around the world where viewers can engage and enter these TV contests and prize draws quite like the UK.

Never Miss Entering TV Competitions Again!

At we know you watch these TV shows and that you also often miss the competition question or you don’t happen to have a pen handy when it comes on….or maybe you just completely miss the show and then you forget about it! Doh! Well we don’t want you compers to miss an opportunity to win some cash, win a holiday, a car or some other cool stuff…so we do our best to publish all the TV competitions here for you to enter at you leisure.

Some Recent TV Competitions

We know all your favourite shows and the best prizes – check back daily for updates!

Simply check this Socialots daily and we’ll ensure it’s updated with all the latest TV competitions – if we miss one let us know; contact us on Facebook or use the “add a competition” button. Lorraine, This Morning and the GMB competition…

ITV Competitions The King Of UK TV Competitions

ITV are the big daddy of TV competitions. I cannot add up the value of prizes these guys give away on a weekly basis – we’re talking £100,000 A WEEK. Top shows & TV comps include the This Morning competition, Loose Women competition, GMB / Lorraine competition (aka Daybreak), Real Deal competition, Take Me Out competition, The Cube competition, Xfactor competition, The Chase competition, You’ve Been Framed competition, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire competition, Secret Dealers competition & Lets Do Lunch competition…hey; maybe I short-changed them on the £100k – the prizes could add up to be a lot lot more! Anyway if there’s one channel in the UK to watch regarding TV competitions it has to be ITV…however over recent years they have removed the “free online entry” method and now charge £2 per entry. Thus, the cheapest way to enter is via post.

TV Competitions – Channel 5 Competitions

We’re seeing more on Channel 5, although most of their TV competitions also do not allow a free online entry. Our favourite show and comp is The Gadget Show competition – because we are geeks we LOVE this competition; you can win a garage full of gadgets, usually worth about £50k!!! Other competitions are regularly on Channel 5.

Other TV Competitions

Other competitions are available on Sky, BBC, The Discovery Channel & Channel 4 competitions…although you will not find as many as ITV, you may find that some of these competitions still allow free online entry. Keep yer eyes peeled! Gadget geeks is another cool show for gadget-loving compers – in a similar manner to the Gadget Show, you get the chance to win loads of hi-tech goodies.

Nearly all TV competitions operate in one of 2 formats;

The Question Format

This was the most popular TV comp format for many years…

  1. watch the TV show to get the question
  2. the competition question is usually very easy
  3. the answers are multiple choice, usually with three choices
  4. you can enter via text, telephone, post or online
  5. text and telephone cost around £2 – online competitions entry is free

The Premium Prize Draw Format

  1. watch the TV show to find out how/where to enter (or search online!)
  2. no question to answer; simply submit your details
  3. online, text and telephone entries cost around £2 (postal entry is “free”)

Unfortunately over recent years this premium prize draw format has become much more popular. Nearly all ITV and Channel 5 competitions now use this format…meaning the cheapest entry method is via post and a 2nd class stamp. Furthermore, these competitions encourage repeat entry so be careful not to rack up a huge phone bill

Do keep checking back & we’ll do our best to keep you up to date with UK tv competitions – if you find one that is not listed you can submit is using the competition button.